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pike.git/src/README:3:   1) Run ./configure, this is a sh script that will generate machine.h and    Makefile from machine.h.in and Makefile.in.       Some options for ./configure are:    --prefix=/foo/bar if you want to install Pike in /foo/bar,    default is /usr/local.    --without-gdbm compile without gdbm support    --without-gmp compile without gmp support    --without-readline compile without readline support    --without-debug compile without runtime debugging +  --without-threads compile without threads support       You might also want to set the following environment variables:    CFLAGS Put extra flags for your C compiler here.    CPPFLAGS Put extra flags for your C preprocessor here    (such as -I/usr/gnu/include)    LDFLAGS Put extra flags to your linker here, such as -L/usr/gnu/lib    and -R/usr/gnu/lib       Use the above flags to make sure the configure script finds the gdbm,    gmp and readline libraries and include files if you need or want those
pike.git/src/README:53:    $ $CONFIG_SHELL ./configure      3) ./configure relies heavily on sed, if you have several sed in your path    try another sed. (preferably gnu sed)      4) configure might have done something wrong, check machine.h and report    any errors back to me.      5) Your gmp/readline/gdbm libraries might not be working or incorrectly    installed, start over by running configure with the approperiate -  --without-xxx arguments. +  --without-xxx arguments. Also note that threads might give problems +  with I/O and signals. If so you need to run configure --without-threads.      6) Try a different compiler, malloc, compiler-compiler and/or make.    (if you have any other)      7) On Linux Slackware machines (older than slackware 3.0), Pike sometimes    fails to find -lm, this is because of a bug in /usr/lib/libm.sa    (or possibly libg.a) in slackware.    Compile with 'make EXTRALIBS="-lc -lm"' to get around this bug.      8)