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pike.git/src/README:4:    Makefile from machine.h.in and Makefile.in.       Some options for ./configure are:    --prefix=/foo/bar if you want to install Pike in /foo/bar,    default is /usr/local.    --without-gdbm compile without gdbm support    --without-gmp compile without gmp support    --without-readline compile without readline support    --without-debug compile without runtime debugging    --without-threads compile without threads support +  --without-zlib compile without gzip compression libary support       You might also want to set the following environment variables:    CFLAGS Put extra flags for your C compiler here.    CPPFLAGS Put extra flags for your C preprocessor here    (such as -I/usr/gnu/include)    LDFLAGS Put extra flags to your linker here, such as -L/usr/gnu/lib    and -R/usr/gnu/lib       Use the above flags to make sure the configure script finds the gdbm,    gmp and readline libraries and include files if you need or want those