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pike.git/src/acconfig.h:375:   /* How to extract a char and an unsigned char from a char * */   #undef EXTRACT_CHAR_BY_CAST   #undef EXTRACT_UCHAR_BY_CAST      /* Do you have IEEE floats and/or doubles (either big or little endian) ? */   #undef FLOAT_IS_IEEE_BIG   #undef FLOAT_IS_IEEE_LITTLE   #undef DOUBLE_IS_IEEE_BIG   #undef DOUBLE_IS_IEEE_LITTLE    - /* Define this if strtol exists, and doesn't cut at 0x7fffffff */ - #undef HAVE_WORKING_STRTOL -  +    /* The rest of this file is just to eliminate warnings */      /* define if declaration of strchr is missing */   #undef STRCHR_DECL_MISSING      /* define if declaration of malloc is missing */   #undef MALLOC_DECL_MISSING      /* define if declaration of getpeername is missing */   #undef GETPEERNAME_DECL_MISSING