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pike.git/src/acconfig.h:66:      /* With this, dmalloc will report leaks made by malloc(3) calls */   #undef REPORT_ENCAPSULATED_MALLOC      /* Define this to enable atomic svalues */   #undef ATOMIC_SVALUE      /* Define this to enable the internal Pike security system */   #undef PIKE_SECURITY    + /* Define this to enable support for old style encoding of programs */ + #undef SUPPORT_OLD_STYLE_ENCODING +    /* Define this to simulate dynamic module loading with static modules. */   #undef USE_SEMIDYNAMIC_MODULES      /* Define this to enable the internal bignum conversion */   #undef AUTO_BIGNUM      /* Define this to enable experimental code for multicpu machines */   #undef PIKE_RUN_UNLOCKED      /* Define this if you want to enable the shared nodes mode of the optimizer. */