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pike.git/src/aclocal.m4:294:    * 199309L POSIX.1b-1993 (Real Time)    * 199506L POSIX.1c-1995 (POSIX Threads)    * 200112L POSIX.1-2001 (Austin Group Revision)    * 200809L POSIX.1-2008    */   # undef _POSIX_C_SOURCE   #endif   ])       AC_DEFINE(POSIX_SOURCE, 1) -  AC_DEFINE(_POSIX_C_SOURCE, 200809L) +  +  AC_MSG_CHECKING(for level of POSIX to support) +  AC_CACHE_VAL(pike_cv_posix_c_source, [ +  ORIG_CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS" +  # NB: Older Solaris fails on attempts to enable newer POSIX +  # than supported. +  for pike_cv_posix_c_source in 200809L 200112L 199506L 199309L 2 1; do +  CPPFLAGS="$ORIG_CPP_FLAGS -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=$pike_cv_posix_c_source" +  AC_TRY_CPP([ + #include <stdio.h> + #include <stdlib.h> +  ],break;) +  done +  CPPFLAGS="$ORIG_CPPFLAGS"    ]) -  +  AC_MSG_RESULT($pike_cv_posix_c_source) +  AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(_POSIX_C_SOURCE, $pike_cv_posix_c_source) + ])      dnl Use before the first AC_CHECK_HEADER/AC_CHECK_FUNC call if the   dnl proper declarations are required to test function presence in   dnl AC_CHECK_FUNC. Necessary on Windows since various attributes cause   dnl name mangling there (e.g. __stdcall and __declspec(dllimport)).   dnl   dnl This test method is more correct (it e.g. detects functions that   dnl are implemented as macros) than the standard AC_CHECK_FUNC   dnl implementation and could perhaps be used all the time. It's   dnl however more fragile since AC_CHECK_HEADER must check all