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pike.git/src/array.c:2248:    * Pops a number of arguments off of the stack an puts them in an array.    * The 'top' of the stack will be the last element in the array.    * @param args The number of arguments to aggregate.    */   PMOD_EXPORT struct array *aggregate_array(INT32 args)   {    struct array *a;       a=allocate_array_no_init(args,0);    if (args) { -  memcpy((char *)ITEM(a),(char *)(Pike_sp-args),args*sizeof(struct svalue)); +  memcpy(ITEM(a),Pike_sp-args,args*sizeof(struct svalue));    array_fix_type_field (a);    Pike_sp-=args;    DO_IF_DMALLOC(while(args--) dmalloc_touch_svalue(Pike_sp + args));    }    return a;   }      /** Add an element to the end of an array by resizing the array.    *    * @param a the array to be appended