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pike.git/src/builtin.cmod:748:    /* The following are internal and shouldn't be applicable in normal use. */    case T_SVALUE_PTR: push_static_text("svalue_ptr"); break;    case T_OBJ_INDEX: push_static_text("obj_index"); break;    case T_MAPPING_DATA: push_static_text("mapping_data"); break;    case T_PIKE_FRAME: push_static_text("pike_frame"); break;    case T_MULTISET_DATA: push_static_text("multiset_data"); break;    default: push_static_text("unknown"); break;    }   }    - /*! @decl siphash24(string data, void|int key) + /*! @decl int siphash24(string data, void|int key)    *! @appears Crypto.siphash24    *!    *! Hashes a string, with an optional key, to a 64 bit integer using    *! the siphash-2-4 algorithm. Currently the 64 bit @[key] parameter    *! is used both for the high and low part of the 128 bit key.    *!    */   #include "siphash24.h"   PIKEFUN int siphash24(string s, void|int key)   {