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pike.git/src/builtin.cmod:507:    optflags OPT_SIDE_EFFECT;   efun;    {    int tmp = enable_debugger;    enable_debugger = i;    pop_stack();    push_int(tmp);   }      PMOD_EXPORT + PIKEFUN int debugger_set_local(int pc, int i, mixed value) +  optflags OPT_SIDE_EFFECT; + efun; + { +  struct pike_frame * fp = (struct pike_frame *)pc; +  printf("Pike_fp: %p\n", fp); +  assign_svalue(fp->locals+(ptrdiff_t)i, value); +  pop_n_elems(3); +  push_int(0); + } +  +  + PMOD_EXPORT   PIKEFUN int add_breakpoint(program p, int line_number)    optflags OPT_SIDE_EFFECT;   efun;   {    ptrdiff_t pc_offset;       // TODO: low_get_offset_for_line doesn't see the file name when a class comes from multiple files (eg via includes), which    // can cause the breakpoint to be set on the wrong spot. we need to check to see if the markers are actually present and there's    // a bug in the line-number reading code, or if there's a bug in the line-number generation code.    pc_offset = low_get_offset_for_line(p, line_number);