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pike.git/src/builtin.cmod:36:   #include <errno.h>   #include <math.h>      DECLARATIONS         /*! @module System    */      #if defined(HAVE_MKTIME) && defined(HAVE_GMTIME) && defined(HAVE_LOCALTIME) - PIKECLASS TM +    /*! @class TM    *! A wrapper for the system struct tm time keeping structure.    *! This can be used as a (very) lightweight alternative to Calendar.    */ -  + PIKECLASS TM   {    CVAR struct tm t;    CVAR time_t unix_time;    CVAR int modified;    CVAR struct pike_string *set_zone;      #ifdef STRUCT_TM_HAS___TM_GMTOFF   #define tm_zone __tm_zone   #define tm_gmtoff __tm_gmtoff   #define GET_GMTOFF(TM) ((TM)->tm_gmtoff)