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pike.git/src/builtin.cmod:1130:    *!    *! Convert the output from a previous call to @[time()] into a readable    *! string containing the current year, month, day and time.    *!    *! Like @[localtime], this function might throw an error if the    *! ctime(2) call failed on the system. It's platform dependent what    *! time ranges that function can handle, e.g. Windows doesn't handle    *! a negative @[timestamp].    *!    *! @seealso -  *! @[time()], @[localtime()], @[mktime()], @[gmtime()] +  *! @[strftime()], @[time()], @[localtime()], @[gmtime()], @[mktime()]    */   PMOD_EXPORT   PIKEFUN string ctime(longest timestamp)    efun;    optflags OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE;   {    time_t i;    char *s;      #if SIZEOF_TIME_T < SIZEOF_INT64