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pike.git/src/builtin.cmod:3113:   PIKEFUN array(mixed) backtrace()    efun;    optflags OPT_EXTERNAL_DEPEND;   {    low_backtrace(& Pike_interpreter);   }      /*! @module String    */    + #define PROG_BUFFER_ID PROG_STRING_BUFFER_ID +    /*! @class Buffer    *! A buffer, used for building strings. It's    *! conceptually similar to a string, but you can only @[add]    *! strings to it, and you can only @[get] the value from it once.    *!    *! There is a reason for those seemingly rather odd limitations,    *! it makes it possible to do some optimizations that really speed    *! things up.    *!    *! You do not need to use this class unless you add very many