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pike.git/src/builtin_functions.c:10338:    ADD_EFUN("reverse",f_reverse,    tOr4(tFunc(tInt tOr(tVoid, tInt) tOr(tVoid, tInt), tInt),    tFunc(tStr tOr(tVoid, tInt) tOr(tVoid, tInt), tStr),    tFunc(tSetvar(0, tArray) tOr(tVoid, tInt) tOr(tVoid, tInt),    tVar(0)),    tFuncV(tObj, tOr(tMix, tVoid), tMix)),0);       /* function(mixed,array:array) */    ADD_EFUN("rows",f_rows,    tOr6(tFunc(tMap(tSetvar(0,tMix),tSetvar(1,tMix)) tArr(tVar(0)), -  tArr(tVar(1))), +  tArr(tOr(tVar(1), tZero))),    tFunc(tSet(tSetvar(0,tMix)) tArr(tVar(0)), tArr(tInt01)),    tFunc(tString tArr(tInt), tArr(tInt)),    tFunc(tArr(tSetvar(0,tMix)) tArr(tInt), tArr(tVar(1))),    tFunc(tArray tArr(tNot(tInt)), tArray),    tFunc(tOr4(tObj,tFunction,tPrg(tObj),tInt) tArray, tArray)), 0);       /* FIXME: Is the third arg a good idea when the first is a mapping? */    /* FIXME: Improve type for the fallback to iterator object case. */    ADD_EFUN("search",f_search,    tOr4(tFunc(tStr tOr(tStr,tInt) tOr(tVoid,tInt) tOr(tVoid,tInt),