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pike.git/src/builtin_functions.c:7130: Inside #if defined(HAVE_MALLINFO)
  #ifdef HAVE_MALLINFO    struct mallinfo mi = mallinfo();   #endif    pop_n_elems(args);    ss=Pike_sp;      #ifdef HAVE_MALLINFO       push_text("num_malloc_blocks");    push_ulongest(1 + mi.hblks); /* 1 for the arena. */ -  push_text("malloc_bytes"); +  push_text("malloc_block_bytes");    /* NB: Kludge for glibc: hblkhd is intended for malloc overhead    * according to the Solaris manpages, but glibc keeps the    * amount of mmapped memory there, and uses the arena only    * for the amount from sbrk.    *    * The hblkhd value on proper implementations should be    * small enough not to affect the total much, so no need    * for a special case.    */    push_ulongest(mi.arena + mi.hblkhd);