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pike.git/src/builtin_functions.h:1:   /*   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information.   */      #ifndef BUILTIN_EFUNS_H   #define BUILTIN_EFUNS_H    + #include "time_stuff.h" +    #define TYPEP(ID,NAME,TYPE) PMOD_EXPORT void ID(INT32 args);      #include "callback.h"      /* Weak flags for arrays, multisets and mappings. 1 is avoided for    * compatibility reasons. */   #define PIKE_WEAK_INDICES 2   #define PIKE_WEAK_VALUES 4   #define PIKE_WEAK_BOTH 6   
pike.git/src/builtin_functions.h:110:   TYPEP(f_mappingp, "mappingp", PIKE_T_MAPPING)   TYPEP(f_arrayp, "arrayp", PIKE_T_ARRAY)   TYPEP(f_multisetp, "multisetp", PIKE_T_MULTISET)   TYPEP(f_stringp, "stringp", PIKE_T_STRING)   TYPEP(f_floatp, "floatp", PIKE_T_FLOAT)   PMOD_EXPORT void f_sort(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_rows(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f__verify_internals(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_gmtime(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_localtime(INT32 args); + time_t mktime_zone(struct tm *date, int other_timezone, int tz);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_mktime (INT32 args); -  + #ifdef HAVE_STRPTIME + PMOD_EXPORT void f_strptime (INT32 args); + #endif + PMOD_EXPORT void f_strftime (INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_glob(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_permute(INT32 args);   struct diff_magic_link;   struct diff_magic_link_pool;   struct diff_magic_link_head;   PMOD_EXPORT void f_diff(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_diff_compare_table(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_diff_longest_sequence(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_diff_dyn_longest_sequence(INT32 args);   struct callback *add_memory_usage_callback(callback_func call,