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pike.git/src/code/README.txt:85:   void CALL_MACHINE_CODE(PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc)    Start execution of the machine-code located at 'pc'.    NOTE: This macro does not return, but instead contains    code that returns from the calling context. The value    returned in the macro should be one of -1 (inter return),    or -2 (inter escape catch).      void EXIT_MACHINE_CODE()    Clean up from CALL_MACHINE_CODE.    + int MACHINE_CODE_FORCE_FP() +  Kludge to force the C compiler to generate a frame +  for some opcode functions. This is needed for a few +  machine code backends. +    void START_NEW_FUNCTION(int store_lines)    Called at the start of a function. store_lines is true for any    non-constant evaluation function. This hook can be used to    add common helper subroutines and/or reset code-generator state.      void END_FUNCTION(int store_lines)    Called after all f-codes for a function have been emitted.    Typically used to clean up after START_NEW_FUNCTION().    store_lines will contain the same value as when    START_NEW_FUNCTION() was called.