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pike.git/src/code/amd64.h:25:    /* The test is needed to get the labels to work... */ \    if (pc) { \    ((int (*)(struct Pike_interpreter *))(pc)) (&Pike_interpreter); \    goto inter_return_label; \    } \    } while(0)      void amd64_ins_entry(void);   #define INS_ENTRY() amd64_ins_entry()   /* Size of the prologue added by INS_ENTRY() (in PIKE_OPCODE_T's). */ - #define ENTRY_PROLOGUE_SIZE 0x1f + #define ENTRY_PROLOGUE_SIZE 0x1e      void amd64_flush_code_generator_state(void);   #define FLUSH_CODE_GENERATOR_STATE() amd64_flush_code_generator_state()      int amd64_ins_f_jump(unsigned int op, int backward_jump);   int amd64_ins_f_jump_with_arg(unsigned int op, INT32 a, int backward_jump);   int amd64_ins_f_jump_with_2_args(unsigned int op, INT32 a, INT32 b,    int backward_jump);   void amd64_update_f_jump(INT32 offset, INT32 to_offset);   INT32 amd64_read_f_jump(INT32 offset);