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pike.git/src/configure.in:1024:   # dlmalloc is enabled by default on windows since the OS heap manager   # Sucketh. (Well, it's possible to enable a "low-fragmentation heap"   # but it only works for blocks up to 16kb.)   if test "x$enable_dlmalloc" = xyes; then    EXTRA_OBJS="$EXTRA_OBJS malloc.o"    AC_DEFINE(USE_DL_MALLOC)   else    enable_dlmalloc=no   fi    + MY_AC_ARG_WITH(experimental, +  MY_DESCR([--with-experimental], +  [Enable experimental code.]), +  [AC_DEFINE(PIKE_EXPERIMENTAL)])   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(cleanup-on-exit,    MY_DESCR([--with-cleanup-on-exit],    [Do full cleanup at exit to detect leaks better.]),    [AC_DEFINE(DO_PIKE_CLEANUP)])   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(dmalloc, MY_DESCR([--with-dmalloc],[Enable memory leak checks.]),    [AC_DEFINE(DEBUG_MALLOC,10)])   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(dmalloc-malloc, MY_DESCR([--with-dmalloc-malloc],    [Enable overloading of malloc(3)]),    [ AC_DEFINE(ENCAPSULATE_MALLOC,1) ])   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(dmalloc-malloc-leaks,