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pike.git/src/configure.in:294:    CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -gcc-version=$pike_cv_need_icc_gcc_version"    fi   fi      # AC_PROG_CC won't modify CFLAGS if it's already set from the icc   # workaround test above, so we make sure it's always set and then   # modify CFLAGS ourselves afterwards.   ${CFLAGS:=}      AC_PROG_CC + AC_PROG_CXX      # Only need to think of -g since -O2 or other optimization flags gets   # added through other configure tests.   test "$ac_cv_prog_cc_g" = yes && CFLAGS="-g $CFLAGS"      AC_PROG_CPP   AC_PROG_EGREP      AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether we are using Intel C])   AC_CACHE_VAL(pike_cv_prog_icc, [
pike.git/src/configure.in:924:   else # force_smartlink_script_only    AC_MSG_CHECKING(for smartlink build script)    SMARTLINK="$BINDIR/smartlink"    REALCC="$CC"    AC_MSG_RESULT($SMARTLINK)   fi # force_smartlink_script_only      CC="$SMARTLINK $REALCC"   pike_cv_prog_CC="$CC"    - # Check if there's a C++ compiler. - AC_PROG_CXX +    # Strip smartlink from $CXX   REALCXX="`echo $CXX|sed -e 's/.*smartlink //'`"   CXX="$SMARTLINK $REALCXX"   pike_cv_prog_CXX="$CXX"      AC_SUBST(SMARTLINK)   AC_SUBST(REALCC)   AC_SUBST(REALCXX)   export REALCC REALCXX SMARTLINK