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pike.git/src/configure.in:1: - AC_REVISION("$Id: configure.in,v 1.805 2004/03/09 13:42:22 grubba Exp $") + AC_REVISION("$Id: configure.in,v 1.806 2004/03/09 17:26:07 kiwi Exp $")   AC_INIT(interpret.c)   AC_CONFIG_HEADER(machine.h)      rm -f config.warnings 2>/dev/null      if_autoconf(2,50,[    if test "x$cache_file" = "x/dev/null"; then    cache_file=./config.cache    if test -r "$cache_file"; then    echo "loading cache $cache_file"
pike.git/src/configure.in:175:   AC_ARG_WITH(cflags, MY_DESCR([--with-cflags=cflags],    [specify extra c compiler flags]),    [ CFLAGS="$with_cflags $CFLAGS" ])   AC_ARG_WITH(cppflags, MY_DESCR([--with-cppflags=cppflags],    [specify extra c preprocessor flags]),    [ CPPFLAGS="$with_cppflags $CPPFLAGS" ])   AC_ARG_WITH(ldflags, MY_DESCR([--with-ldflags=ldflags],    [specify extra linker flags]),    [ LDFLAGS="$with_ldflags $LDFLAGS" ])    + # Force use of thread libs LIBS + AC_ARG_WITH(named-thread-libs,MY_DESCR([--with-named-thread-lib=lib], +  [specify named thread libraries +  instead of those automatically found +  by configure]), +  [ with_named_thread=$withval ], +  [ with_named_thread=no ]) +    for ac_site_file in $CONFIG_SITE; do    if test -r "$ac_site_file"; then    PIKE_MSG_WARN([You are using a site file to initialize configure, please   note that this can lead to problems if anything in   $ac_site_file is not correct. If Pike does not compile, or   does not run, please try this to compile Pike again:   rm ./config.cache ; CONFIG_SITE=x ./configure ; make])    fi   done   
pike.git/src/configure.in:2852:    pike_cv_freebsd_threads=yes)    ])    if test "x$pike_cv_freebsd_threads" = "xno"; then    AC_MSG_RESULT(no)    else    AC_MSG_RESULT(yes)    using_threads="yes (freebsd)"       AC_PATH_PROG(PTHREAD_CONFIG,${ac_tool_prefix}pthread-config,no)    if test "x$PTHREAD_CONFIG" = xno ; then +  if test "$with_named_thread" = "no"; then    AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-pthread, pthread, CFLAGS, LIBS="$LIBS -lc_r")    LD_FALLBACK_FLAGS="${LD_FALLBACK_FLAGS-} -lc_r" -  +  else +  echo "Using --with-named-thread=$with_named_thread" +  LIBS="$LIBS $with_named_thread" +  LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS $with_named_thread" +  fi    AC_MSG_CHECKING(Initial stack limit)    AC_CACHE_VAL(pike_cv_initial_stack_size,[    AC_TRY_RUN([   #include <stdio.h>      static int depth=0;   FILE *f;      void save_depth(void);