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pike.git/src/configure.in:592:    # FreeBSD has different naming convention for gtk-config and sdl-config    if test "x${GTK_CONFIG}" = "x"; then    GTK_CONFIG=`which ${ac_tool_prefix}gtk12-config`    export GTK_CONFIG    fi    if test "x${SDL_CONFIG}" = "x"; then    SDL_CONFIG=`which ${ac_tool_prefix}sdl11-config`    export SDL_CONFIG    fi    ;; +  Darwin*) +  ac_cv_func_getpagesize="no" +  ;;   esac      # Skip if user does not wish to use smartlink binary.   if test "x$force_smartlink_script_only" = "x"; then   # Strip smartlink and arguments from $CC   REALCC="`echo $CC|sed -e 's/.*smartlink *//'`";   RAWCC="`echo $REALCC|sed -e 's/ .*//g'`"         # FIXME: Add proper tests