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pike.git/src/docode.c:1:   /*\   ||| This file a part of Pike, and is copyright by Fredrik Hubinette   ||| Pike is distributed as GPL (General Public License)   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/   #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: docode.c,v 1.8 1997/01/27 01:12:53 hubbe Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: docode.c,v 1.9 1997/01/29 00:31:12 hubbe Exp $");   #include "las.h"   #include "program.h"   #include "language.h"   #include "pike_types.h"   #include "stralloc.h"   #include "interpret.h"   #include "constants.h"   #include "array.h"   #include "macros.h"   #include "error.h"
pike.git/src/docode.c:70:    tmp=*((int *)(areas[A_PROGRAM].s.str+offset));   #else    MEMCPY((char *)&tmp, areas[A_PROGRAM].s.str+offset,sizeof(tmp));   #endif    return tmp;   }      int store_linenumbers=1;      /* -  * A mechanism to remember addresses on a stack. The size of the stack is -  * defined in config.h. +  * A mechanism to remember addresses on a stack.    */   int comp_stackp;   INT32 comp_stack[COMPILER_STACK_SIZE];      void push_address()   {    if (comp_stackp >= COMPILER_STACK_SIZE)    {    yyerror("Compiler stack overflow");    comp_stackp++;