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pike.git/src/error.c:1:   /*   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information. - || $Id: error.c,v 1.145 2006/03/25 12:42:09 grubba Exp $ + || $Id: error.c,v 1.146 2006/05/10 19:43:54 mast Exp $   */      #define NO_PIKE_SHORTHAND   #include "global.h"   #include "svalue.h"   #include "pike_macros.h"   #include "pike_error.h"   #include "interpret.h"   #include "stralloc.h"   #include "builtin_functions.h"
pike.git/src/error.c:44: Inside #if defined(PIKE_DEBUG)
   "UNSET_ONERROR out of sync. No Pike_interpreter.recoveries left.\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_assert_onerr[] =    "%s ASSERT_ONERROR(%p) failed\n";   #endif   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_bad_arg[] =    "Bad argument %d to %s(). Expected %s.\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_bad_arg_2[] =    "Bad argument %d to %s(). %s\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_out_of_mem[] =    "Out of memory.\n"; + PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_out_of_mem_2[] = +  "Out of memory - failed to allocate %"PRINTSIZET"d bytes.\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_div_by_zero[] =    "Division by zero.\n";      /*    * Recoveries handling.    */      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG   PMOD_EXPORT void check_recovery_context(void)   {