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pike.git/src/error.c:983:      /* Throw a preallocated error object.    *    * NOTE: The object MUST NOT have been cloned by a plain low_clone()!    * At least fast_clone_object() MUST have been used, or the object    * data must have been properly initialized in some other way!    */   /* coverity[+kill] */   PMOD_EXPORT DECLSPEC(noreturn) void throw_error_object(    struct object *o, -  const char *func, -  const struct svalue *base_sp, int args, +  const char *func, int args,    const char *desc, ...) ATTRIBUTE((noreturn))   { -  +  const struct svalue *base_sp = Pike_sp - args;    va_list foo;    va_start(foo,desc);    ASSERT_THREAD_SWAPPED_IN();    DWERROR("%s(): Throwing an error object\n", func);    ERROR_DONE(generic);   }      /* coverity[+kill] */   PMOD_EXPORT DECLSPEC(noreturn) void generic_error(    const char *func,