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pike.git/src/error.c:512:    {    JMP_BUF jmp;    struct callback_list saved_eval_cbs = evaluator_callbacks;    /* Simulate threads_disabled to avoid thread switches or any other    * evaluator stuff while we let the master describe the backtrace    * below. Doing it the naughty way without going through    * init_threads_disable etc to avoid hanging on runaway locks. */   #ifdef PIKE_THREADS    threads_disabled++;   #endif -  MEMSET (&evaluator_callbacks, 0, sizeof (evaluator_callbacks)); +  memset (&evaluator_callbacks, 0, sizeof (evaluator_callbacks));    if (SETJMP (jmp))    fprintf(stderr,"Got exception when trying to describe backtrace.\n");    else {    jmp.severity = THROW_EXIT; /* Don't want normal exit code to run here. */    push_error("Backtrace at time of fatal:\n");    APPLY_MASTER("describe_backtrace",1);    if(TYPEOF(Pike_sp[-1]) == PIKE_T_STRING)    write_to_stderr(Pike_sp[-1].u.string->str, Pike_sp[-1].u.string->len);    }    UNSETJMP (jmp);