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pike.git/src/error.c:24:   #include "gc.h"      /* __attribute__ only applies to function declarations, not    definitions, so we disable them here. */   #undef ATTRIBUTE   #define ATTRIBUTE(X)      /* #define ERROR_DEBUG */      PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_fatal_error[] = -  "%s:%d: Fatal error:\n"; +  "%s:%ld: Fatal error:\n";   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_unsetjmp_nosync_1[] =    "UNSETJMP out of sync! (last SETJMP at %s)!\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_unsetjmp_nosync_2[] =    "UNSETJMP out of sync! (Pike_interpreter.recoveries = 0)\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_last_setjmp[] =    "LAST SETJMP: %s\n";   PMOD_EXPORT const char msg_unset_onerr_nosync_1[] =    "UNSET_ONERROR out of sync (%p != %p).\n"    "Last SET_ONERROR is from %s\n";