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pike.git/src/gc.c:1020:    fprintf(stderr, "no marker\n");   }      #endif /* PIKE_DEBUG */      static void debug_gc_fatal_va (void *DEBUGUSED(a), int DEBUGUSED(type), int DEBUGUSED(flags),    const char *fmt, va_list args)   {    int orig_gc_pass = Pike_in_gc;    -  (void) VFPRINTF(stderr, fmt, args); +  (void) vfprintf(stderr, fmt, args);      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    if (a) {    void *inblock;    /* Temporarily jumping out of gc to avoid being caught in debug    * checks in describe(). */    Pike_in_gc = 0;    if (type == PIKE_T_UNKNOWN)    type = attempt_to_identify (a, &inblock);    describe_something (a, type, 0, 0, 0, inblock);
pike.git/src/gc.c:1085: Inside #if defined(PIKE_DEBUG)
   struct gc_rec_frame *DEBUGUSED(p1),    const char *DEBUGUSED(p1n),    struct gc_rec_frame *DEBUGUSED(p2),    const char *DEBUGUSED(p2n),    const char *file, INT_TYPE line,    const char *fmt, ...)   {    va_list args;    va_start (args, fmt);    fprintf (stderr, msg_fatal_error, file, line); -  (void) VFPRINTF (stderr, fmt, args); +  (void) vfprintf (stderr, fmt, args);   #if defined (PIKE_DEBUG) || defined (GC_CYCLE_DEBUG)    fputs ("Recursion stack:\n", stderr);    describe_rec_stack (err, err_name, p1, p1n, p2, p2n);    if (err) {    fprintf (stderr, "Describing frame %p: ", err);    describe_rec_frame (err);    fputc ('\n', stderr);    }   #endif    d_flag = 0; /* The instruction backlog is never of any use here. */