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pike.git/src/gc.c:4617:    * If there's anything left in the complete list then it's internal    * cyclic stuff. In that case we put those things into the work list,    * move the indirectly incomplete list back to complete and repeat    * MC_PASS_LOOKAHEAD. Otherwise we're done.    */      /* #define MEMORY_COUNT_DEBUG */      #define MC_WQ_START_SIZE 1024    + #ifdef PIKE_THREADS   static IMUTEX_T mc_mutex; -  + #endif      PMOD_EXPORT int mc_pass;   PMOD_EXPORT size_t mc_counted_bytes;      static int mc_lookahead, mc_block_pike_cycle_depth;   static TYPE_FIELD mc_block_lookahead;   static TYPE_FIELD mc_block_lookahead_default = BIT_PROGRAM|BIT_STRING|BIT_TYPE;   /* Strings are blocked because they don't contain refs. Types are    * blocked because they are acyclic and don't contain refs to anything    * but strings and other types. */