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pike.git/src/gc.c:5234:    "ignored internal" : "ignored fringe thing");    }   }      static void current_only_visit_ref (void *thing, int ref_type,    visit_thing_fn *visit_fn, void *extra)   /* This is used when count_memory has a negative lookahead. It only    * recurses through REF_TYPE_INTERNAL references. Note that most    * fields in mc_marker aren't used. */   { +  int ref_from_flags; +  struct mc_marker *ref_to; +     assert (mc_pass);    assert (mc_lookahead < 0);   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    assert (mc_ref_from != (void *) (ptrdiff_t) -1);   #endif    -  int ref_from_flags; -  +     ref_from_flags = mc_ref_from->flags;    assert (ref_from_flags & MC_FLAG_INTERNAL);    assert (!(ref_from_flags & MC_FLAG_INT_VISITED));      #ifndef MEMORY_COUNT_DEBUG    if (!(ref_type & REF_TYPE_INTERNAL)) {    /* Return before lookup (or much worse, allocation) in the    mc_marker hash table. The only reason to allocate a marker in    this case is, AFAICS, to get the tracing right with    MEMORY_COUNT_DEBUG enabled. That case is handled below. */    return;    }   #endif    -  struct mc_marker *ref_to = find_mc_marker (thing); +  ref_to = find_mc_marker (thing);       if (!ref_to) {    ref_to = my_make_mc_marker (thing, visit_fn, extra);    MC_DEBUG_MSG (ref_to, "got new thing");    }    else if (ref_to->flags & MC_FLAG_INTERNAL) {    /* Ignore refs to the starting points. Can't treat them like other    * things anyway since the int_refs aren't valid. */    MC_DEBUG_MSG (ref_to, "ignored starting point");    return;