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pike.git/src/gc.c:4429:    /* Since the array to search is so small, linear search is probably    * fastest. */    unsigned t;    for (t = 0; t < NELEM (visit_fn_from_type); t++)    if (visit_fn_from_type[t] == fn)    return (TYPE_T) t;    return PIKE_T_UNKNOWN;   }      PMOD_EXPORT TYPE_FIELD real_visit_svalues (struct svalue *s, size_t num, -  int ref_type) +  int ref_type, void *extra)   {    for (; num; num--, s++) -  visit_svalue (s, ref_type); +  visit_svalue (s, ref_type, extra);    return 0;   }      /* Memory counting    *    * This mode is used by f_count_memory, and it's recognized by a    * nonzero value in mc_pass.    *    * The basic idea is to follow and count all refs from the starting    * point things given to f_count_memory. Whenever the counted refs add