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pike.git/src/interpret.c:1:   /*\   ||| This file a part of Pike, and is copyright by Fredrik Hubinette   ||| Pike is distributed as GPL (General Public License)   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/   /**/   #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: interpret.c,v 1.237 2001/07/31 23:10:35 marcus Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: interpret.c,v 1.238 2001/08/02 22:21:05 hubbe Exp $");   #include "interpret.h"   #include "object.h"   #include "program.h"   #include "svalue.h"   #include "array.h"   #include "mapping.h"   #include "pike_error.h"   #include "language.h"   #include "stralloc.h"   #include "constants.h"
pike.git/src/interpret.c:236:    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_COMPL, o_compl);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_LSH, o_lsh);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_RSH, o_rsh);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_SUBTRACT, o_subtract);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_AND, o_and);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_OR, o_or);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_XOR, o_xor);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_MULTIPLY, o_multiply);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_DIVIDE, o_divide);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_MOD, o_mod); -  SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_CAST, o_cast); +  SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_CAST, f_cast);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_CAST_TO_INT, o_cast_to_int);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_CAST_TO_STRING, o_cast_to_string);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_RANGE, o_range);    SET_INSTR_ADDRESS(F_SSCANF, o_sscanf);   #endif /* PIKE_USE_MACHINE_CODE && !PIKE_DEBUG */   }         /*    * lvalues are stored in two svalues in one of these formats: