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pike.git/src/interpret.h:194:    c->retval = Pike_sp - args;   }      PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_save_jmpbuf(struct pike_callsite *c);      static inline void callsite_prepare(struct pike_callsite *c) {    if (LIKELY(c->type != CALLTYPE_PIKEFUN)) return;    callsite_save_jmpbuf(c);   }    - PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_free_frame(struct pike_callsite *c); + PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_free_frame(const struct pike_callsite *c);    - static inline void callsite_free(struct pike_callsite *c) { + static inline void callsite_free(const struct pike_callsite *c) {    if (LIKELY(!c->frame)) return;    callsite_free_frame(c);   }      PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_resolve_svalue(struct pike_callsite *site, struct svalue *s);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_resolve_fun(struct pike_callsite *site, struct object *o, INT16 fun);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_resolve_lfun(struct pike_callsite *site, struct object *o, int lfun);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_execute(const struct pike_callsite *site);   PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_reset_pikecall(struct pike_callsite *s);      static inline void callsite_reset(struct pike_callsite *c) {    /* nothing to do, only frames for pike functions    * might need to be reallocatd */    if (LIKELY(c->type != CALLTYPE_PIKEFUN)) return;    callsite_reset_pikecall(c);   }    - PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_return_slowpath(struct pike_callsite *c); + PMOD_EXPORT void callsite_return_slowpath(const struct pike_callsite *c);    - static inline void callsite_return(struct pike_callsite *c) { + static inline void callsite_return(const struct pike_callsite *c) {    /* pike functions might recurse or set PIKE_FRAME_RETURN_POP */    if (LIKELY(c->type != CALLTYPE_PIKEFUN && c->retval+1 == Pike_sp))    return;    callsite_return_slowpath(c);   }      static inline struct svalue *frame_get_save_sp(const struct pike_frame *frame) {    return frame->locals + frame->save_sp_offset;   }