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pike.git/src/interpret.h:47:      #define ref_push_program(P) do{ struct program *_=(P); _->refs++; sp->u.program=_; sp++->type=T_PROGRAM; }while(0)   #define ref_push_mapping(M) do{ struct mapping *_=(M); _->refs++; sp->u.mapping=_; sp++->type=T_MAPPING; }while(0)   #define ref_push_array(A) do{ struct array *_=(A); _->refs++; sp->u.array=_ ;sp++->type=T_ARRAY; }while(0)   #define ref_push_multiset(L) do{ struct multiset *_=(L); _->refs++; sp->u.multiset=_; sp++->type=T_MULTISET; }while(0)   #define ref_push_string(S) do{ struct pike_string *_=(S); _->refs++; sp->subtype=0; sp->u.string=_; sp++->type=T_STRING; }while(0)   #define ref_push_object(O) do{ struct object *_=(O); _->refs++; sp->u.object=_; sp++->type=T_OBJECT; }while(0)      #define push_svalue(S) do { struct svalue *_=(S); assign_svalue_no_free(sp,_); sp++; }while(0)    + enum apply_type + { +  APPLY_STACK, /* The function is the first argument */ +  APPLY_SVALUE, /* arg1 points to an svalue containing the function */ +  APPLY_LOW /* arg1 is the object pointer,(int)arg2 the function */ + }; +  + #define apply_low(O,FUN,ARGS) \ +  mega_apply(APPLY_LOW, (ARGS), (void*)(O),(void*)(FUN)) +  + #define strict_apply_svalue(SVAL,ARGS) \ +  mega_apply(APPLY_SVALUE, (ARGS), (void*)(SVAL),0) +    #define APPLY_MASTER(FUN,ARGS) \   do{ \    static int fun_,master_cnt=0; \    struct object *master_ob=master(); \    if(master_cnt != master_ob->prog->id) \    { \    fun_=find_identifier(FUN,master_ob->prog); \    master_cnt = master_ob->prog->id; \    } \    apply_low(master_ob, fun_, ARGS); \
pike.git/src/interpret.h:86:   void check_mark_stack(INT32 size);   void lvalue_to_svalue_no_free(struct svalue *to,struct svalue *lval);   void assign_lvalue(struct svalue *lval,struct svalue *from);   union anything *get_pointer_if_this_type(struct svalue *lval, TYPE_T t);   void print_return_value();   void pop_n_elems(INT32 x);   void check_threads_etc();   void reset_evaluator();   struct backlog;   void dump_backlog(void); + void mega_apply(enum apply_type type, INT32 args, void *arg1, void *arg2);   int apply_low_safe_and_stupid(struct object *o, INT32 offset); - void apply_low(struct object *o, int fun, int args); +    void safe_apply_low(struct object *o,int fun,int args);   void safe_apply(struct object *o, char *fun ,INT32 args);   void apply_lfun(struct object *o, int fun, int args);   void apply_shared(struct object *o,    struct pike_string *fun,    int args);   void apply(struct object *o, char *fun, int args); - void strict_apply_svalue(struct svalue *s, INT32 args); +    void apply_svalue(struct svalue *s, INT32 args);   void slow_check_stack();   void cleanup_interpret();   /* Prototypes end here */      extern struct svalue *sp;   extern struct svalue **mark_sp;   extern struct svalue *evaluator_stack;   extern struct svalue **mark_stack;   extern struct frame *fp; /* frame pointer */   extern int stack_size;   extern int evaluator_stack_malloced, mark_stack_malloced;   struct callback;   extern struct callback_list evaluator_callbacks;   #endif