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pike.git/src/interpret.h:83:    * If PIKE_FRAME_SAVE_LOCALS is set, this is a pointer to a bitmask    * represented by an array of 16-bit ints. A set bit indicates that    * the corresponding local variable is used from a subscope and    * needs to be preserved in LOW_POP_PIKE_FRAME. The least    * significant bit of the first entry represents the first local    * variable and so on. The array is (num_locals >> 4) + 1 entries    * (i.e. it will always have enough space to represent all    * locals). */    unsigned INT16 *save_locals_bitmask;    -  unsigned INT16 flags; /** PIKE_FRAME_* */ +     /**    * This tells us the current level of svalues on the stack that can    * be discarded once the current function is done with them. It is an offset    * from locals and is always positive.    */    INT16 num_locals; /** Number of local variables. */    INT16 num_args; /** Number of argument variables. */       INT32 args; /** Actual number of arguments passed to the function. */ -  +  +  unsigned INT16 flags; /** PIKE_FRAME_* */ +     /**    * This is an offset from locals and denotes the place where the return value    * should go.    *    * It can be -1 if the function to be called is on the stack.    * It can be even more negative in case of recursion when the return value location    * get replaced by that of the previous frame.    */    INT16 save_sp_offset;