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pike.git/src/interpreter.h:269: Inside #if defined(PIKE_DEBUG)
   if(i < 0 || i > p->num_identifier_references)    fatal("Identifier out of range!\n");   #endif          inherit=INHERIT_FROM_INT(p, i);      #ifdef DEBUG_MALLOC    if (inherit->storage_offset == 0x55555555) {    fprintf(stderr, "The inherit %p has been zapped!\n", inherit); -  debug_malloc_dump_references(inherit); +  debug_malloc_dump_references(inherit,0,2,0);    fprintf(stderr, "It was extracted from the program %p %d\n", p, i);    describe(p);    fprintf(stderr, "Which was in turn taken from the object %p\n", o);    describe(o);    fatal("Looks like the program %p has been zapped!\n", p);    }   #endif /* DEBUG_MALLOC */       if(!accumulator) break;    --accumulator;