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pike.git/src/language.y:197:    unsigned short type;    struct node_s *n;    struct efun *efun;   }      %type <fnum> F_FLOAT   %type <number> modifiers modifier optional_dot_dot_dot   %type <number> assign F_NUMBER F_LOCAL arguments arguments2   %type <number> optional_stars modifier_list   %type <string> F_IDENTIFIER F_STRING string_constant low_string - %type <string> type_or_error optional_identifier cast simple_type + %type <string> optional_identifier cast simple_type   %type <string> optional_rename_inherit      %type <number> F_ARRAY_ID F_BREAK F_CASE F_CATCH F_CONTINUE F_DEFAULT F_DO   %type <number> F_EFUN F_ELSE F_FLOAT_ID F_FOR F_FOREACH F_FUNCTION_ID F_GAUGE   %type <number> F_IF F_INHERIT F_INLINE F_INT_ID F_LAMBDA F_LIST_ID F_MAPPING_ID   %type <number> F_MIXED_ID F_NO_MASK F_OBJECT_ID F_PRIVATE F_PROGRAM_ID   %type <number> F_PROTECTED F_PUBLIC F_RETURN F_SSCANF F_STATIC   %type <number> F_STRING_ID F_SWITCH F_VARARGS F_VOID_ID F_WHILE      /* The following symbos return type information */
pike.git/src/language.y:258:         type_or_error: simple_type    {    if(local_variables->current_type) free_string(local_variables->current_type);    local_variables->current_type=$1;    }    | /* empty */    {    yyerror("Missing type."); -  copy_shared_string($$, mixed_type_string); +  copy_shared_string(local_variables->current_type, +  mixed_type_string);    }         def: modifiers type_or_error optional_stars F_IDENTIFIER '(' arguments ')'    {    int e;    /* construct the function type */    push_finished_type(local_variables->current_type);    while($3--) push_type(T_ARRAY);