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pike.git/src/language.yacc:5:   \*/   %pure_parser      /*    * These values are used by the stack machine, and can not be directly    * called from Pike.    */   %token F_PREFIX_256 F_PREFIX_512 F_PREFIX_768 F_PREFIX_1024   %token F_PREFIX_CHARX256 F_PREFIX_WORDX256 F_PREFIX_24BITX256   %token F_POP_VALUE F_POP_N_ELEMS F_MARK F_MARK2 F_LDA - %token F_CALL_LFUN F_CALL_LFUN_AND_POP + %token F_CALL_LFUN F_CALL_LFUN_AND_POP F_CALL_LFUN_AND_RETURN   %token F_APPLY F_APPLY_AND_POP F_MARK_APPLY F_MARK_APPLY_POP -  + %token F_APPLY_AND_RETURN      %token F_BRANCH F_BRANCH_WHEN_ZERO F_BRANCH_WHEN_NON_ZERO   %token F_BRANCH_WHEN_LT F_BRANCH_WHEN_GT   %token F_BRANCH_WHEN_LE F_BRANCH_WHEN_GE   %token F_BRANCH_WHEN_EQ F_BRANCH_WHEN_NE   %token F_INC_LOOP F_DEC_LOOP   %token F_INC_NEQ_LOOP F_DEC_NEQ_LOOP      %token F_INDEX F_ARROW F_INDIRECT F_STRING_INDEX F_LOCAL_INDEX   %token F_POS_INT_INDEX F_NEG_INT_INDEX
pike.git/src/language.yacc:58:   %token F_AND F_OR F_XOR   %token F_LSH F_RSH   %token F_LAND F_LOR   %token F_EQ_OR F_EQ_AND      %token F_SWITCH F_SSCANF F_CATCH   %token F_CAST   %token F_FOREACH      %token F_SIZEOF F_SIZEOF_LOCAL + %token F_CALL_FUNCTION F_CALL_FUNCTION_AND_RETURN      /*    * These are token values that needn't have an associated code for the    * compiled file    */      %token F_MAX_OPCODE   %token F_ADD_EQ   %token F_AND_EQ   %token F_ARG_LIST
pike.git/src/language.yacc:152:   %left F_LSH F_RSH   %left '+' '-'   %left '*' '%' '/'   %right F_NOT '~'   %nonassoc F_INC F_DEC      %{   /* This is the grammar definition of Pike. */      #include "global.h" - RCSID("$Id: language.yacc,v 1997/06/27 06:55:17 hubbe Exp $"); + RCSID("$Id: language.yacc,v 1997/07/09 07:45:00 hubbe Exp $");   #ifdef HAVE_MEMORY_H   #include <memory.h>   #endif      #include "interpret.h"   #include "array.h"   #include "object.h"   #include "stralloc.h"   #include "las.h"   #include "interpret.h"