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pike.git/src/language.yacc:4991:    return ret;   }      static node *find_versioned_identifier(struct pike_string *identifier,    int major, int minor)   {    struct compilation *c = THIS_COMPILATION;    int old_major = Pike_compiler->compat_major;    int old_minor = Pike_compiler->compat_minor;    struct svalue *efun = NULL; +  /* NOTE: Compilers warn about res being globbered by the setjmp,longjmp +  * below. This warning is spurious because pop_stack() does not actually +  * do the longjmp, instead f_index() does. */    node *res = NULL;       change_compiler_compatibility(major, minor);       if(Pike_compiler->last_identifier)    free_string(Pike_compiler->last_identifier);    copy_shared_string(Pike_compiler->last_identifier, identifier);       /* Check predef:: first, and then the modules. */