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pike.git/src/machine.h.in:310:   /* What byteorder doe your machie use most machines use 4321, PC use 1234 */   #define BYTEORDER 0      /* Number of possible filedesriptors */   #define MAX_OPEN_FILEDESCRIPTORS 1024      /* Value of first constant defined by byacc/bison/yacc or whatever you use. */   #define F_OFFSET 257      /* Define this if struct tm is included in <sys/time.h> as opposed to <time.h> */ - #define TM_IN_SYS_TIME + #undef TM_IN_SYS_TIME      /* define this if #include <time.h> provides an external int timezone */   #undef HAVE_EXTERNAL_TIMEZONE      /* define this if your struct tm has a tm_gmtoff */   #undef STRUCT_TM_HAS_GMTOFF      /* Define if you have struct timeval */ - #define HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL + #undef HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL      /* Define this to the max value of an unsigned short unles <limits.h> does.. */   #undef USHRT_MAX      /* define this if you have pthreads.h */   #undef HAVE_PTHREAD_H      /* Define this if you are going to use threads */   #undef _REENTRANT   #undef _THREAD_SAFE