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pike.git/src/main.c:644:    /* Report this specific error in a nice way. Since there's no    * master it'd be reported with a raw error dump otherwise. */    struct generic_error_struct *err;       dynamic_buffer buf;    dynbuf_string s;    struct svalue t;       move_svalue (Pike_sp++, &throw_value);    mark_free_svalue (&throw_value); -  err = (struct generic_error_struct *) +  err =    get_storage (Pike_sp[-1].u.object, generic_error_program);       SET_SVAL(t, PIKE_T_STRING, 0, string, err->error_message);       init_buf(&buf);    describe_svalue(&t,0,0);    s=complex_free_buf(&buf);       fputs(s.str, stderr);    free(s.str);