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pike.git/src/mapping.h:2:   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information.   */      #ifndef MAPPING_H   #define MAPPING_H      #include "svalue.h"   #include "dmalloc.h" + #include "gc_header.h"      /* Compatible with PIKE_WEAK_INDICES and PIKE_WEAK_VALUES. */   #define MAPPING_WEAK_INDICES 2   #define MAPPING_WEAK_VALUES 4   #define MAPPING_WEAK 6   #define MAPPING_FLAG_WEAK 6 /* Compat. */   #define MAPPING_FLAG_NO_SHRINK 0x1000      struct keypair   {    struct keypair *next;    size_t hval;    struct svalue ind, val;   };      struct mapping_data   { -  INT32 refs; +  GC_MARKER_MEMBERS;    INT32 valrefs; /* lock values too */    INT32 hardlinks;    INT32 size, hashsize;    INT32 num_keypairs;    TYPE_FIELD ind_types, val_types;    INT16 flags;    struct keypair *free_list;    struct keypair *hash[1 /* hashsize */ ];    /* struct keypair data_block[ hashsize * AVG_LINK_LENGTH ] */   };      #undef MAPPING_SIZE_DEBUG   /* This debug doesn't work with weak mappings in the gc. */      struct mapping   { -  INT32 refs; +  GC_MARKER_MEMBERS;   #ifdef MAPPING_SIZE_DEBUG    INT32 debug_size;   #endif    struct mapping_data *data;    struct mapping *next, *prev;   };         extern struct mapping *first_mapping;   extern struct mapping *gc_internal_mapping;
pike.git/src/mapping.h:64:      #define MD_KEYPAIRS(MD, HSIZE) \    ( (struct keypair *) \    DO_ALIGN( PTR_TO_INT(MD) + OFFSETOF(mapping_data, hash) + HSIZE * sizeof(struct keypair *), \    ALIGNOF(struct keypair)) )         #ifndef PIKE_MAPPING_KEYPAIR_LOOP   #define NEW_MAPPING_LOOP(md) \    for((e=0) DO_IF_DMALLOC( ?0:(debug_malloc_touch(md)) ) ;e<(md)->hashsize;e++) for(k=(md)->hash[e];k;k=k->next) -  + #define MD_FULLP(md) (!(md)->free_list)   #else /* PIKE_MAPPING_KEYPAIR_LOOP */      #define NEW_MAPPING_LOOP(md) \    for(((k = MD_KEYPAIRS(md, (md)->hashsize)), e=0) DO_IF_DMALLOC( ?0:(debug_malloc_touch(md)) ) ; e<(md)->size; e++,k++) -  + #define MD_FULLP(md) ((md)->size >= (md)->num_keypairs)      #endif /* PIKE_MAPPING_KEYPAIR_LOOP */         PMOD_EXPORT void really_free_mapping(struct mapping *md);      #define inl_free_mapping(M) do{ \    struct mapping *m_=(M); \    debug_malloc_touch(m_); \    DO_IF_DEBUG ( \
pike.git/src/mapping.h:119:    * @see mapping    */   #define free_mapping_data(M) do{ \    struct mapping_data *md_=(M); \    debug_malloc_touch(md_); \    if(!sub_ref(md_)) really_free_mapping_data(md_); \    /* FIXME: What about valrefs & hardlinks? */ \   }while(0)      /* Prototypes begin here */ - void really_free_mapping(struct mapping * m); +    void count_memory_in_mappings(size_t * num, size_t * size);                  void mapping_free_keypair(struct mapping_data *md, struct keypair *k);      PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *debug_allocate_mapping(int size);   
pike.git/src/mapping.h:239:    * function.    *    * @param m mapping to check for the key presence    * @param p a Pike string to use as the lookup key    * @return an svalue representing the looked up entry's value or NULL of no such    * item was found.    * @see low_mapping_lookup    * @see simple_mapping_string_lookup    */   PMOD_EXPORT struct svalue *low_mapping_string_lookup(struct mapping *m, -  struct pike_string *p); +  const struct pike_string *p);      /** A shortcut function for inserting an entry into a mapping for cases    * where the key is a Pike string.    *    * @param m mapping to insert the new entry into    * @param p a Pike string to be used as the new entry key    * @param val an svalue representing the new entry's value    * @see mapping_insert    * @see low_mapping_insert    * @see mapping_string_insert_string
pike.git/src/mapping.h:346:    struct pike_string *key2,    int create);   PMOD_EXPORT void mapping_index_no_free(struct svalue *dest,    struct mapping *m,    const struct svalue *key);   PMOD_EXPORT struct array *mapping_indices(struct mapping *m);   PMOD_EXPORT struct array *mapping_values(struct mapping *m);   PMOD_EXPORT struct array *mapping_to_array(struct mapping *m);   PMOD_EXPORT void mapping_replace(struct mapping *m,struct svalue *from, struct svalue *to);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *mkmapping(struct array *ind, struct array *val); + PMOD_EXPORT void clear_mapping(struct mapping *m);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *copy_mapping(struct mapping *m);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *merge_mappings(struct mapping *a, struct mapping *b, INT32 op);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *merge_mapping_array_ordered(struct mapping *a,    struct array *b, INT32 op);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *merge_mapping_array_unordered(struct mapping *a,    struct array *b, INT32 op);   PMOD_EXPORT struct mapping *add_mappings(struct svalue *argp, INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT int mapping_equal_p(struct mapping *a, struct mapping *b, struct processing *p);   void describe_mapping(struct byte_buffer *buf, struct mapping *m,struct processing *p,int indent);   node *make_node_from_mapping(struct mapping *m);