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pike.git/src/mapping.h:1:   /*\   ||| This file a part of Pike, and is copyright by Fredrik Hubinette   ||| Pike is distributed as GPL (General Public License)   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/      /* -  * $Id: mapping.h,v 1.14 1999/02/05 01:03:54 hubbe Exp $ +  * $Id: mapping.h,v 1.15 1999/10/20 01:44:40 hubbe Exp $    */   #ifndef MAPPING_H   #define MAPPING_H      #include "las.h"      #define MAPPING_FLAG_WEAK 1      struct keypair   {
pike.git/src/mapping.h:58:   void check_mapping_for_destruct(struct mapping *m);   struct svalue *low_mapping_lookup(struct mapping *m,    struct svalue *key);   struct svalue *low_mapping_string_lookup(struct mapping *m,    struct pike_string *p);   void mapping_string_insert(struct mapping *m,    struct pike_string *p,    struct svalue *val);   struct svalue *simple_mapping_string_lookup(struct mapping *m,    char *p); + struct svalue *mapping_mapping_lookup(struct mapping *m, +  struct svalue *key1, +  struct svalue *key2, +  int create); + struct svalue *mapping_mapping_string_lookup(struct mapping *m, +  struct pike_string *key1, +  struct pike_string *key2, +  int create);   void mapping_index_no_free(struct svalue *dest,    struct mapping *m,    struct svalue *key);   struct array *mapping_indices(struct mapping *m);   struct array *mapping_values(struct mapping *m);   struct array *mapping_to_array(struct mapping *m);   void mapping_replace(struct mapping *m,struct svalue *from, struct svalue *to);   struct mapping *mkmapping(struct array *ind, struct array *val);   struct mapping *copy_mapping(struct mapping *m);   struct mapping *merge_mappings(struct mapping *a, struct mapping *b, INT32 op);