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pike.git/src/mapping.h:211:    * NULL, in which case the deleted item's value is assigned to the    * @b to @ref svalue.    *    * @param m mapping containing the entry to delete    * @param key the key which indexes the entry to delete    * @param to if not NULL will contain the deleted item's value    */   PMOD_EXPORT void map_delete_no_free(struct mapping *m,    const struct svalue *key,    struct svalue *to); + PMOD_EXPORT void map_replace(struct mapping *m, +  const struct svalue *key, +  struct svalue *from_to);   PMOD_EXPORT void check_mapping_for_destruct(struct mapping *m);      /** Look up the specified key in the indicated mapping and return    * the corresponding @ref svalue representing the value of the    * entry.    *    * @param m mapping to check for the key presence    * @param key key to look up in the mapping    * @return an svalue representing the looked up entry's value or    * NULL if the key was not found in the mapping.