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pike.git/src/mapping.h:239:    * function.    *    * @param m mapping to check for the key presence    * @param p a Pike string to use as the lookup key    * @return an svalue representing the looked up entry's value or NULL of no such    * item was found.    * @see low_mapping_lookup    * @see simple_mapping_string_lookup    */   PMOD_EXPORT struct svalue *low_mapping_string_lookup(struct mapping *m, -  struct pike_string *p); +  const struct pike_string *p);      /** A shortcut function for inserting an entry into a mapping for cases    * where the key is a Pike string.    *    * @param m mapping to insert the new entry into    * @param p a Pike string to be used as the new entry key    * @param val an svalue representing the new entry's value    * @see mapping_insert    * @see low_mapping_insert    * @see mapping_string_insert_string