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pike.git/src/modules/Gdbm/gdbmmod.c:124:    *! The basic use of GDBM is to store key/data pairs in a data    *! file. Each key must be unique and each key is paired with only one    *! data item.    *!    *! The library provides primitives for storing key/data pairs,    *! searching and retrieving the data by its key and deleting a key    *! along with its data. It also support sequential iteration over all    *! key/data pairs in a database.    *!    *! The @[DB] class also overloads enough operators to make it behave -  *! a lot like a @ref[mapping(string(8bit):string(8bit))@], you can index it, +  *! a lot like a @[mapping(string(8bit):string(8bit))], you can index it,    *! assign indices and loop over it using foreach.    *! -  *! +     */      /*! @class DB    */      /*! @decl protected void create(void|string file, void|string(99..119) mode)    *!    *! Without arguments, this function does nothing. With one argument it    *! opens the given file as a gdbm database, if this fails for some    *! reason, an error will be generated. If a second argument is present,