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pike.git/src/modules/Msql/COPYING:1: + This code is (c) 1996,1997 Francesco Chemolli <kinkie@comedia.it>    -  + It may be copied and distributed freely under the terms of the GNU + General Public License, version 2. + You should have received it along with your pike sources. +  + Use this software at your own risk. There's NO WARRANTY, EITHER EXPLICIT + OR IMPLICIT, that this software won't disrupt your work or blow your + computer. If this can console you, I'm using it, and my computer is still + intact :). +  + If you use this software and find it useful, please take the time to + send me an email. This will definitely help me keep my overinflated ego + above guard level, and encourage me improve this software. +  +  Hoping to be useful, +  Francesco Chemolli   Newline at end of file added.