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pike.git/src/modules/_Image_JPEG/jinclude.h:30:    * We need the NULL macro and size_t typedef.    * On an ANSI-conforming system it is sufficient to include <stddef.h>.    * Otherwise, we get them from <stdlib.h> or <stdio.h>; we may have to    * pull in <sys/types.h> as well.    * Note that the core JPEG library does not require <stdio.h>;    * only the default error handler and data source/destination modules do.    * But we must pull it in because of the references to FILE in jpeglib.h.    * You can remove those references if you want to compile without <stdio.h>.    */    - #ifdef HAVE_STDDEF_H +    #include <stddef.h> - #endif +       #ifdef HAVE_STDLIB_H   #include <stdlib.h>   #endif      #ifdef NEED_SYS_TYPES_H   #include <sys/types.h>   #endif      #include <stdio.h>