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pike.git/src/modules/_Stdio/buffer.cmod:39:   struct sysmem {    unsigned char *p;    size_t size;   };      static struct program *buffer_error_program;      /*! @module Stdio    */    + /* Remap to not clash with String.Buffer. */ + #define PROG_BUFFER_ID PROG_STDIO_BUFFER_ID + #define tObjImpl_BUFFER tObjImpl_STDIO_BUFFER + #define tObjIs_BUFFER tObjIs_STDIO_BUFFER +    /*! @class Buffer    *!    *! A buffer to use as input or buffering when doing I/O. It is    *! similar to @[String.Buffer], but can only contain 8bit data and is    *! designed for protocol parsing. It is optimized for reading from    *! the beginning and adding to the end, and will try to minimize the    *! amount of data copying that is done.    *!    *! The class maintains two separate offsets, one for reading and one    *! for writing. The functions that add data all do so at the write