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pike.git/src/modules/_Stdio/file.c:1840:    *! If more than one argument is given, @[sprintf()] is used to format    *! them using @[format]. If @[format] is an array, the strings in it    *! are concatenated and the result is used as format string.    *!    *! If there are any file descriptors that have been queued for sending    *! (with @[send_fd()]), they will be sent.    *!    *! @note    *! Writing of wide strings is not supported. You have to encode the    *! data somehow, e.g. with @[string_to_utf8] or with one of the -  *! charsets supported by @[Locale.Charset.encoder]. +  *! charsets supported by @[Charset.encoder].    *!    *! @seealso    *! @[read()], @[write_oob()], @[send_fd()]    */   static void file_write(INT32 args)   {    ptrdiff_t written, i;    struct pike_string *str;       if(args<1 || ((TYPEOF(Pike_sp[-args]) != PIKE_T_STRING) &&