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pike.git/src/modules/_Stdio/file.h:64:   {    struct fd_callback_box box; /* Must be first. */    /* The box is hooked in whenever box.backend is set. */       struct svalue event_cbs[6];    /* Callbacks can be set without having the corresponding bits in    * box.events, but not the other way around. */       short open_mode;    short flags; -  int my_errno; +  INT_TYPE my_errno;      #ifdef HAVE_PIKE_SEND_FD    int *fd_info;    /* Info about fds pending to be sent.    * If non-NULL the first element is the array size,    * and the second is the number of fds pending to be    * sent. Elements three and onwards are fds to send.    *    * Note that to avoid races between the call to    * send_fd() and the call to write(), these fds