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pike.git/src/modules/_Stdio/sendfile.c:861:    free_svalue(&(THIS->callback));    SET_SVAL(THIS->callback, T_INT, NUMBER_NUMBER, integer, 0);       /* NOTE: The references to the stuff in sf are held by the stack.    * This means that we can throw errors without needing to clean up.    */       memset(&sf, 0, sizeof(struct pike_sendfile));    SET_SVAL(sf.callback, T_INT, NUMBER_NUMBER, integer, 0);    -  get_all_args("sendfile", args, "%A%O%l%l%A%o%*", +  get_all_args(NULL, args, "%A%O%l%l%A%o%*",    &(sf.headers), &(sf.from_file), &offset,    &len, &(sf.trailers), &(sf.to_file), &cb);       sf.offset = offset;    sf.len = len;       /* We need to give 'cb' another reference /Hubbe */    /* No, we don't. We steal the reference from the stack.    * /grubba    */